Product Development.

We assist our clients in the development of innovative products, from the Proof of Concept to the realization and validation of prototypes.

 Our R&D team consisting in hardware engineers, software developers, mechanical engineers and designers, and our fast prototyping equipment allows the early validation of products, shortening the time-to-market and keeping development costs under control.

Interdisciplinary R&D Team

Hardware engineers, software developers, mechanical engineers, project managers and designers

Manufacturing-driven and Testing-driven development

The design is made taking into account the whole product life cycle

Fast prototyping equipment

3D printers, CNC machining center, etc.

Type testing and product validation.

We are internally equipped for extensive type testing of our products, including signal and power integrity testing, electrical validation, assessment of electro-magnetic compatibility, dust and water penetration tests, vibration, thermal and humidity tests. Pre-compliance tests are performed as early as possible during the development, reducing costs for our clients and ensuring fast and effective certification.


Faraday cage for immunity and emission pre-compliance tests

Environmental & mechanical testing

climate chamber (humidity, temp.); dust chamber; vibration bench; impact testing.

Law & regulations

collaboration with certification bodies and consultants.


Thanks to our internal production facilities we take care of the whole product life cycle and ensure their quality. Thanks to systematic burn-in tests to detect and make up for infant mortality, our products exhibit the lowest failure rates on the market. We can flexibly adapt the production process in order to meet the client’s requirements and optimize the time to market.

Systematic product testing

100% of the products is tested before it leaves the factory

Burn-in test for electronics

Early failures are detected and eradicated.

Extended production capacity

Internal production lines for mid and large scale production.

Support and Assistance.

In a rapidly evolving and un-predictable market, we guarantee long-term assistance for all our products, coordinating an European network of assistance centers. Moreover, we offer H24 multilingual phone support and customized swap-based assistance programs to ensure the maximum operation time.

Long term assistance

up to 10 years assistance and spare parts availability for our products

24/7 Customer care

Multi-lingual phone and e-mail support lines

Fast service

Swap service and European assistance network for minimal down time.