S&h develops and manufactures high-tech, innovative solutions for industrial electronics, supporting its partners along the whole product life cycle.

Our services

From development and design to mass production, we ensure the full product life cycle, including H24 support and long-term assistance.

Why choose S&h

We have worked for more than 40 years in the field of technological innovation, helping our customers to increase their competitive advantage with high-tech solutions.

We master technological innovation
30% of our staff is in R&D, with a deep expertise in development of hardware, software, mechanics and system integration in the field of industrial electronics, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.
Product development is more than engineering
We have a strong know-how in all aspects of product development, including normative requirements and certifications, ergonomy and usability design, design-for-testing and design-for-manufacturing approach.
We handle the whole life cycle of products
Our clients benefit from a single interlocutor from product development to the mass production and assistance . We offer H24 phone and e-mail support, relying on a European assistance network.
Obsession for quality pays
Our products follow strict systematic electronic and mechanical stress testing and burn-in cycles for eradicating early failures. Moreover, long-term maintainability is guaranteed for all the products.
We love team work
We carry out our projects along with a network of outstanding partners, such as design studios, top European technical universities, public and private organizations and research institutes.
Don’t ask us, ask them
92% of our clients come back after our first collaboration. S&h was awarded with the SME Excellence Prize from Lombardia in 2000 and with the Worldwide Best Supplier Award by a Fortune 500 company in 2018.

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