S&h develops and produces innovative technology solutions for industrial electronics by accompanying its customers throughout the entire product life cycle.


Multi-disciplinary expertise, collaborations with research institutes and universities, a pragmatic and goal-oriented approach. Thus S&h develops cutting-edge solutions according to a philosophy of industrial application attentive to robustness, ergonomics of use and long-term maintenance.


S&h follows each product as a single point of contact, taking care of its entire life cycle.


S&h has carried out projects in collaboration with leading universities and companies, including: CERN, University of Milan, Milan Polytechnic, BRIN and Studio Palmanova 28.

Top 6 reasons to choose S&h

Full-inclusive solutions

A single point of contact for the entire project, from conception to product development to mass production and after-sales support with 24-hour telephone and email support and through a European network of service centers.

Design for testing and manufacturing

S&h leverages manufacturing and maintenance expertise from the earliest stages of design, with a focus on regulatory, certification, ergonomics, usability, reproduction, and maintenance requirements.

Cross-industry innovation

Thirty percent of the staff works in R&D with deep expertise in hardware, software, mechanical, and system integration design. The projects make use of all technological developments and innovations in the different sectors in which S&h operates.

Industrial quality

Each product undergoes rigorous electronic, mechanical stress tests and burn-in cycles to detect failures before leaving the S&h plant. This means quality, to which is added a long-term maintenance guarantee.

A network of expertise

Many projects are carried out in collaboration with prestigious Italian and international universities, research centers, architecture and design firms, and public and private organizations.

Long-term value

S&h establishes lasting partnerships with clients: 92% return after their first collaboration. This certificate of trust is the most important of recognitions.


and certifications

Work rewards, but sometimes it is rewarded.

Support and assistance

In a rapidly changing and unpredictable market, relying on S&H to develop a project or purchase a product gives several certainties:

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